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The financial aspect of running a nonprofit can be overwhelming and time-consuming. And more than 50,000 nonprofits have their tax exempt status revoked each year for not getting it right or hiring the wrong vendor who doesn’t understand nonprofits. We take the guesswork out by providing affordable bookkeeping services from a team that works exclusively with nonprofits, so you can focus your time where it really counts: your mission.

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With our help, your nonprofit will get a dedicated bookkeeper with years of experience working with nonprofits, without the cost of hiring one in-house. Our services include:

  • 990 federal & state tax information prep and filing
  • Monthly & yearly financial report preparation
  • Easy approval process for accounts payable
  • Bank reconciliations
  • 1099 NEC reporting
  • Accounts receivables
  • Budget recommendations
Financial Policies

Wondering about financial best practices and what policies your nonprofit needs to keep your finances secure? Let our experienced team provide custom financial best practices recommendations and policies. Whether you have a brand new animal shelter or a 100 year old church, this option is great for nonprofits of all sizes and types to ensure your nonprofit’s finances are secure. We’ve created resources for nonprofits like:

  • Cash handling policies

  • Deposit policies

  • Financial best practices guides
  • Additional financial safety & security policies

990 prep & filing

Our experienced bookkeeping team helps nonprofits prepare and file 990 federal & state tax information each year. We can assist your public charity or private foundation with any of the following forms.

Small Nonprofits


annual, federal & state

for nonprofits under $50,000 in revenue

Mid-Sized & Large Nonprofits

Form 990

annual, federal & state

for nonprofits with more than $50,000 in revenue

Private Foundations


annual, federal & state

for private foundations of any size

Have a bookkeeping need we don’t have listed? Let us know! We’re happy to help find custom solutions for nonprofit organizations.