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We help you

maximize your impact.

Have you ever wondered if your nonprofit could be doing more to make a difference? We help charities of all kinds and sizes reach for their missions more effectively by providing advice on operations, strategy, and a variety of challenges that are unique to charities.

New Nonprofits

A question we hear often is “I’ve got my 501(c)(3)… now what?” Our startup consulting aims to answer that question, from the first steps to take as a new nonprofit to hiring your first employee and everything in between. We help new nonprofits with:

  • Running a new nonprofit (operational consulting)
  • Developing a basic business plan
  • Recruiting and running a Board of Directors
  • Measuring your impact
  • Creating initial policies and procedures
  • Developing your theory of change
  • Coaching one-on-one for nonprofit founders & leaders

Existing Nonprofits

For established nonprofit organizations, we can help you realign and better serve your mission moving forward. Whether you’re looking to better measure your impact for funders or complete strategic planning, our experienced advisors are here to help. We can assist with:

  • Strategic planning & coaching
  • Mission, vision, values & programming priorities (MV²P)
  • Theory of Change
  • Impact measurements
  • Board & organization development & management
  • Internal policies and procedures
  • Design solutions that produce sustainable good

Have a need we don’t have listed? Let us know! We’re happy to help assess your needs and find a custom solution for your nonprofit.

Start with MV²P

For anyone looking to establish a new nonprofit, or for nonprofits who want more clear direction, start with MV²P. MV²P is the Allies 4 Good service that helps you align your mission, vision, values, and priorities as an organization so you can serve more effectively. Find out more in a free consultation.

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