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Get More Online Donations with a Great Donate Page | Nonprofit Website Inspiration

By April 29, 2023October 12th, 2023No Comments

From small local food pantries to large foundations, every nonprofit needs a great website. We’ll explore what the best nonprofit websites do well so you can make your charity or foundation’s website the best it can be. Check out our previous article on creating a great homepage here.

If you’re looking to increase the amount you raise through your website, your donation page is a great place to start. Whether you’re accepting donations for the first time or you have an existing page that needs some TLC, we’ve compiled some examples of nonprofits with great donation pages and what you can glean from them. 

Keep it Simple

Doctors without Borders created a landing page that keeps donors focused by making the donation form the star of the show. By eliminating the menu options, and by keeping the page simple, the attention is drawn entirely to their call to action (Help save lives. Donate now.) and their donation form. 

Source: Doctors without borders

Make the Impact of their Donation Clear

If someone is already on your website, odds are, they like the work you’re doing. Empower donors by telling them what their donations can do — like how they can further your mission by allowing you to purchase supplies or provide more services. CICOA does this by showing donors that from $7 donations to $400 donations, each size of donation can be used to further their cause. 

Source: CICOA

If you have a special campaign going on, this technique can also be used to encourage donors to give to something like a capital campaign or an emergency fund. Autism Society does this through a campaign for Autism Acceptance Month.

Source: Autism Society

Make Donating as Easy as Possible

Encourage donors to give by keeping your donation form itself short and sweet. It’s estimated that approximately 60% of people who come to a nonprofit’s donation page will leave before they finish the form to donate. If you require less information and ensure it’s fast and easy, you’ll have more donors complete the form, which translates to more donations for your cause! 

Of course, there is some information you’ll need to collect, like credit card information and their name. Winners’ Chapel is a great example of making giving easy, as their initial page only requires the amount and the fund the donor wants to give to. As soon as they submit this information, the form goes to the next page to collect additional information, but keeping the opening form small makes it more inviting to potential donors. 

Source: Winners’ Chapel Maryland

Highlight Monthly Giving

Monthly giving can be a great source of regular funding for your charity, and monthly donors on average give seven times more than one-time donors. Make sure your nonprofit gains valuable monthly donors by creating a program or landing page just for monthly donors like American Red Cross. Their monthly donation page highlights reasons to give monthly.

Source: American Red Cross

And then when donors click the “donate now” button on their monthly giving page, they’re taken to a special page for monthly donors that includes statements like “most champions are giving $25 monthly.” 

Source: American Red Cross

Your donate buttons and page(s) on your website are some of the most important pages to ensure your nonprofit has the fuel to keep pursuing your mission. If you’re looking for help creating an engaging landing page or website for your nonprofit, contact us for a free consultation with one of our nonprofit marketing experts today.